Sole Ownership

This is the most straightforward ownership package we offer. Should you wish to purchase through us, or come with your individual already acquired, we can tailor your horse's training and racing around your preferences. Administration, invoicing, tickets etc can all be managed by our team so you can focus on enjoying the experience above all else. 

Closed Syndicate

We cater for a number groups who have had horses in the past and are seeking independent management. Should your group wish to remove themselves from the everyday running commitments, we can control all your requirements and help make your syndicate more efficient and successful. 

Lease Options

We understand that every individual has a budget as to how and in what capacity they can invest in thoroughbred ownership. With our experience and contacts in this industry, we can opt to co-own or lease an individual from an owner-breeder, vendor, trainer etc. This type of ownership is one of our cheapest packages but while you don't own the horse come the end of your package period, you do get all the benefits like tickets, prize-money, information, stable visits and many more. 

Syndicate Membership

This is our most popular form of ownership. We put together our syndicates based on location, racing interests, and those seeking like-minded people. We pride ourselves on the fact that when you become a syndicate member with YTR you get the entire ownership package. You are involved in our sales shortlists, our vetting reports, our projected purchase prices, and that's just at the sales. When the horse gets to the yard we update everyone weekly with photos, videos and detailed work reports. You are notified when a race is highlighted for your horse to be entered, and whether it will be declared. You will have an input as to the jockey and how we think it should be ridden. Then its off to the races with your complimentary owners and trainers pass. Pre-parade and build up, your spot in the parade ring before they canter down and the adrenaline filled atmosphere of the connections stand. Regardless of the results we guarantee an unforgettable experience.